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Kids Fashion Models

Kids Fashion Models Biography

Child modeling portfolio refers to teens and kids for photography, artistic work and modeling. For the countless fashion and modeling agencies, kids are fast becoming an important part of the shoots and advertisement. With model agencies searching for the best models, there are a number of parents who are trying to push their kids into this rich and influential career at the very start of their life. The maximum impetus for kid models are seen in the consumer products promotion (and specially the kid’s products), and believe me, there are a lots of them. Even more than the adult products! The trend is fast rolling in the Indian market too and to give your kid’s fashion career a kick start, you need to find a Professional Kid Model Portfolio Photographer in India who would create a new identity for your kid.

The main considered quality from kid models are their cute faces and their talent to grasp quickly. Kids can be very influential. The strategy behind is “kids don’t seem to lie” and better sell a product! While getting through as a kid photographer they start earning early, the experience they gather helps them make a better name when they grow up. For many kid models this is a part time earning source too and they create a personality of their own which helps them do better in whatever they pursue. However to create the right photographs out of the confidence and attitude of your kid is not the job of every other photographers. Professional Kid Model Portfolio Photographers in India who have specializes in kid fashion shoots are the best person to deliver the right images that takes them to the heights of an amazing career.

If you too are looking for a Professional Kid model Photographer in India we have the right professionals and the right equipment to deliver you images that can be of real help to your kid’s career.
This story is related to 1 Boy and his Mother

My mother had only one eye,

I hated her as I was ashamed of her

She was a cook in the school cafeteria where I studied.

One day, when I saw still in a primary class,

She came to visit me to see for herself that I was all right.

I was very upset, how dare she do this to me?

After that incident I ignored her & looked on her

Only with hateful eyes….

The next day, a fellow-student told me,

“oohhh, your mother has only one eye!”

At that moment, I wanted to crawl under the floor

And that my mother would be out of my life completely.

The next day I went to meet her & to tell here:

“ because of you I am the joke at school,

Why don’t you die and go away!?

But, she did not respond….

I wasn’t thinking and did not know what I was saying,

I was very angry.

I could not imagine

How she would react to my remarks.

And, I left town.

I studied relentlessly and obtained a scholarship

to continue my studies abroad.

In fact, I completed my studies, got married, bought a house and set up my family.

I lived a happy and a peaceful life.

One day, my mother comes to visit me.

It has been many years since she had disappeared,

She had never met here grand-children.

She remained at the doorstep

While my children were making fun of her

I shouted at her: “ How date you come all the way here and frighten my kids?!

With a calm voice she responded:

“I apologize, I am at the wrong address.”

And she disappeared.

One day, I received an invitation from my hometown school to attend a reunion under the “ close family ties “ topic

I lied to my wife and made her believe that

I was traveling for business.

After the reunion I stopped by the house

where I grew up

The neighbours informed me that

my mother had passed away.

I did not shed even one drop of tear!!!

The neighbor handed me a letter

that my mother had left for me

“My Dear son, I always thought of you.”

I regret having visited you abroad

And frightened your kids

…I was very pleased when I heard that

you would come to attend the reunion

…The only thing was that I could not get up

from my bed to come and see you….

…I am broken-hearted that I brought

shame to you on numerous occasions…

…Did you know that when you were a baby

you had an accident and lost your one eye?...

… and, as any other mother would,

I would not let you grow up with only one eye….

So. I gave you my eye……..

I was very proud and happy to know that my son would be able to see the world with my eye

… with all my love…

…Your mother….


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Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models
Kids Fashion Models

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