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Becoming A Fashion Model

Becoming A Fashion Model Biography

Long legs, pearly white teeth and a natural ease in front of the camera are just a few traits that most modeling agencies desire. Debbie Press, author of "Your Modeling Career" lists typical industry requirements including an ideal height of 5 feet 9 inches or taller, blemish-free skin and a lean, toned body. No matter how attractive a model may be, few women begin their careers landing full-page magazine spreads wearing haute couture.

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Pinpoint your specific modeling ambitions. Choose from one of the many industries in fashion such as commercial, high end or plus size. Study the criteria for the field and note any current shortcomings related to the concrete guidelines; weight, experience and representation from an agency are examples.

Develop a road map to your modeling goal. From the list of guidelines, write the steps necessary to overcome these barriers. For instance, develop a regimented exercise and diet program to slim down to the size necessary to become a swimsuit model. Gain a list of contacts by attending modeling open calls and fashion shows. Save money for professional head shots once you have achieved the ideal weight and image.

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Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Review traits such as your walk, demeanor, personable nature, smile, appearance, posture and ease in front of the camera. As you did for the guidelines, write how you will improve on the traits listed in the weakness category. Though modeling school is not necessary, consider attending courses. Attend modeling workshops and build contacts to those in the modeling industry. Thoroughly research the biographies of speakers and those running the workshop: ensure they have strong credentials before paying money to attend.

Build a portfolio, starting with head shots. Pay for professional head shots from an experienced photographer. Have a variety of stylized pictures including commercial and artistic.

Relocate to a major fashion hub. The likelihood of being discovered in Wichita, Kansas, is far less than getting a modeling contract by working in a fashion capital such as New York, Paris, Los Angeles or Milan. Expect to find other work in the interim between gigs. Lucia Mauro explains in the book "Careers for Fashion Plates and Other Trendsetters" that few models do the career full-time due to the competitive nature of the industry.

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Tips & Warnings
Do not take rejection personally. The taste of the fickle fashion industry is ever-changing. If your frizzy red hair is not en vogue now, it might be in six months.

Avoid the seedy side of modeling, which includes crash dieting and drugs as a way to maintain low weight. Instead of starvation, replace unhealthy foods with healthy substitutes.

Ask for time to review all contracts with any agency or organization. Expect the agency to take a commission as expressed by a percentage for all gigs booked. The commission does not typically exceed 20 percent. suggests setting a minimum amount of work necessary to uphold the contract.
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model
Becoming A Fashion Model

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